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Jump-Starting the Opinion Pages

Since Jump-Starting America hit the shelves on April 9th, we’ve been fortunate to have several opportunities to discuss our key findings and proposals, both in person and in print. Here, we’ve compiled a range of arguments we’ve published in the opinion pages to explain our work.

We want this to be a proposal for all Americans, and we want to listen to feedback from all corners of the country, so if you find an argument here that resonates with you, let us know and share it with a friend!

Jump-start the economy with public investments in science

The Hill. April 12th, 2019

“The American engine of progress and prosperity is in serious trouble. Innovation has stalled. The number of good, middle-class jobs is dwindling. Wealth and opportunity are increasingly concentrated in a few coastal megacities. And cultural divides are widening. How do we turn this tide?”

How to jump-start America

Boston Globe. April 15, 2019

“[M]odern private enterprise is most effective when government provides strong underlying support for science and for the commercialization of inventions. Government support for science can create an economic tide that lifts all boats.”

How to Make America Grow Again: Invest public money in creating the tech hubs of the future.

Bloomberg. April 25, 2019

“The contrast between superstar cities and the broader economy illustrates a fundamental challenge: America desperately needs more hubs of growth, where talent and money can converge to create new industries. It’s a problem that the government can and should address, by identifying and investing in the technologies of the future – and ensuring that the American people as a whole share in the gains.”

How to Rebuild America’s Economic Foundations

Project Syndicate. May 1, 2019

“What the US needs to do is bring together talented people, from all kinds of backgrounds and education levels, in a way that encourages big new ideas and makes it easier to turn those ideas into products and companies. … Historically and today, this kind of innovation generates good jobs and plays a key role in ensuring national security in the broadest sense.”
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